DDB Group Korea

DDB Group Korea has grown and expanded over the years in response to the times, in one of the world’s most combative and digitally savvy consumer markets. Our quest is to uncover inventive new ways for brands to interact with their customers through social creativity and the power of six degrees. DDB Group Korea was established in 1991 and is now made up of DDB, Tribal, and Optimum Media.

Last year, to re-energize and re-build DDB Group Korea, we launched a vision across the business – one that we believe our clients and our people, would get to understand, embrace and rally behind. In a market like Korea, we realized there’s a scarcity of work that’s of a global standard, that talks and connects with people on a local level. At DDB Group Korea, we work relentlessly to strike this balance.

We’re all about producing work for our clients that’s of an international caliber, that hits a chord where ever one is in the world. Work that leverages traditional mediums, that’s also highly digitally creative to reflect, drive and re-frame people’s behavior. The work we’ve proudly produced and increasingly producing, is a testament of our vision. The international and local awards we’ve won along the way is proof that we deliver creative business solutions for our clients that’s both efficient and effective.

Global, Local – Digitally Led. A vision you’ll see we’ve actively pursued with passion, energy, vigor and dedication. A vision that enables us to do the best work of our lives.