DDB Korea Culture

DDB Korea is a worldwide collection of talent, cultures and ideas united by the power of creativity. The DDB network has grown to over 14,000 people in nearly 100 countries, yet we share a collective personality. We are passionate about our craft and pursue excellence in all that we do throughout our history. Last, but not least, (we think), we are fun to be with.

Creativity is the most powerful force in business.

Our values of Creativity and Humanity have guided a culture and philosophy that inspires powerful creative collaboration across borders, across disciplines to provide creative business solutions.

Talent is rare, hard to identify, and tough to leverage in its raw state. To realize the potential of our people, DDB Korea is committed to recruiting and growing people with diverse talents who fit, but do not conform.

Catalyst, our learning program, enables employees from around the world to learn from each other, to share vast experiences and expertise, as well as to draw from external resources, at the same time as remembering our roots. Catalyst offers a network-wide intranet, proprietary courses, seminars and round-tables. Most courses are authored, shaped and taught by our own thought leaders.