DDB Services

Strategy & Planning
At DDB Korea our strategic planning resource is the “creative behind the creative”. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business, illuminate the business problem and identify the best “angle” to springboard the creative approach that will solve the problem. We provide insight and clarity from a strong understanding of target groups, categories and brands and the deployment of some sharp proprietary tools. Our role is to boost creative horsepower by informing the work so that it’s more relevant and influential. We carefully craft a plan to ignite conversations that will impact our clients’ business performance and then work collaboratively to scale up and sustain those conversations. Good strategic planning dramatically improves communication effectiveness and helps to create stronger attachment with brand users.
TV. Cinema. Print. Outdoor. Radio. Ambient. You name it, we do it. In fact, we’ve built our reputation on delivering award-winning, results-oriented creative for clients across all mediums. Working in concert with our account leaders, strategic planners and media experts, our creative teams determine the most effective approach for the given business challenge. And once we do, we pride ourselves on finding the tonality and conviction that best suits each brand. But while every solution is indeed different, they all have something in common – namely, that they’re engaging, arresting, and surprising pieces of communication that are impossible to ignore.
First we think, then we design. This is the underlying philosophy for everything we do, and we believe it sets us apart. We create brand identity platforms, packaging systems, retail point of sale materials, environmental designs and corporate communications. Through the design process, we help guide our clients; defining their needs, developing a strong creative strategy and following it with design that is more than just style. Our team combines the talents of designers, strategists, producers and project managers working in partnership with our clients.

Tribal DDB Services

Strategy & Planning
Starting with the right plan is essential in most anything, and the digital space is no different. More and more, this is where people will be interacting with your brand. So, it’s got to be visible, in the right place, and engaging enough for your customers to interact. That’s why we dedicate time up front to lay a roadmap for your business. It’s our way of ensuring your brand appears front-and-centre with big ideas that work to propel your business forward.
Big Ideas
Spend a day walking the halls of any Tribal DDB office and you’ll notice big ideas everywhere. But our biggest idea to date is the way we choose to work. Fostering an open environment with a belief that every direction needs to be explored, we work hard to find just what will work for your business. It starts with defining a problem, then covering the walls with solutions – then covering them again and again. This “no stone unturned approach” is what has put us at the top of the creative food chain, producing work that gets results and gets noticed.
It doesn’t take a crazy big budget to make your brand infectious. Through the use of engaging online video, we work to create a groundswell that will garner more media attention for your brand on less money than a traditional campaign. Not easy in such a crowded market. But adding our Big Idea approach to everything we do, we crack this intriguing path more times than not. And yeah, we know it’s not always a dancing monkey that does the job. These ideas have to relate to your brand – and it’s our mission to make that happen.
Because now it’s now easier than ever to give your customers what they want, when they want it. Through unique mobile app-lications you can tell your customers what you want them to know about your business in a personal, one-on-one setting. Using our big idea approach we’ll work with your brand to create insightful campaigns and useful apps that give you an intimate connection with consumers. It’s a great way to be in constant contact with those who care and create brand equity that you might not otherwise have.
Online Advertising
Nobody likes to be interrupted with an invasive ad while spending time online (at least nobody we know). That’s why we consider it one of our main tasks to create work that encourages interaction without being pushy. It’s not so much a soft approach as it is a smart and respectful one. This type of thinking definitely makes us work harder to produce ideas that get noticed, but it is also an integral part in keeping your brand in good standing with potential customers.
Search engine optimization. Boring subject right? Maybe so, but it might just be the most important part of the formula for online success. The greatest website imaginable can quickly become the worst if no one is able to find it. That’s why, once we’re done making your business look great, we work tirelessly to find ways to make it visible. With a focus on high search rankings, exposure through outside links and paid search engine marketing links, your site will achieve the highest visibility possible with exposure in all the right places. Repeat after me: “Thanks Naver, Daum, Google and Baidu”
One-on-one communication is often the best way to relay information and get your point across. Using engaging email concepts, we garner the full attention of your customers so they can get to know you from the inside out. Gone are the bright lights and massive crowds. In this intimate setting you can say exactly what you want and finally be heard.
Web Sites / Micro Sites
So, maybe you’re smart, funny, and engaging, which is great. But lets face it, not many people are going to approach you based on those characteristics alone. A substance over style approach may work for those who receive a one-on-one introduction, but we’re guessing that’s not going to be the best model for growing your business. So we’re here to give you a digital makeover. One that will have perfect strangers looking your way, throwing a wink and a smail, asking for your number and eager to get to know the real you.
Sure we come up with great ideas, but if they aren’t executed properly they might as well land in the scrap yard. For us, immaculate cross browser integration is a must. From heavy back-end driven sites to engaging marketing deployments, we focus on making our projects function properly in any environment. It’s this attention to detail that lets us deliver groundbreaking work that actually works. Consider us your own blazing fast V8 Chevy – one that’s great on gas of course.

Radar Services

Social Insights
Our comprehensive social media intelligence, monitoring and management services allow you to stay on top of social media chatter real-time via our proprietary tools, which are powered by advanced data mining capabilities with manual and automated pattern recognition techniques to help deliver the best insights into online consumer conversations in most major world languages.
Social Strategy
It’s pretty clear that social media has gathered huge momentum over the past few years. Everyone wants to employ a social strategy but many seem to miss the mark. Contrary to what some might say, it’s not just about using word of mouth or connecting consumers with one another. First, you need to listen – find out what people care about and want to engage in. And once you have that great insight, you can then harness social media for a much bigger advantage, one that has a clear impact on your brand.
Social Governance
Defining the behavior of a brand in social media spaces, and the policies/processes to manage the brand presence.
Social Engagement Programs
Establishing and maintaining a long term social media presence for brand communication activities. Continuous activity, engagement and conversations that develops customer relationships as expected.
Tactical Campaigns
Creation of activity that has been specifically designed and executed for social media. These are usually short-term activities to achieve specific campaign objectives.
Being able to make informed value based investment decisions from your social activities is paramount. We enable robust measurement techniques that evaluate the value and effectiveness of social media activities conducted.

Optimum Media Services

Media Planning
Our successful media strategies never lose sight of the company’s overall Marketing goals established prior to implementation. We believe your marketing and media buying strategies should always be efficient, diversified, creative, and cost-effective. Our initial media placement recommendations will consistently take these factors into account. An effective marketing strategy and efficient media production plan should be viewed like a blueprint cohesive, balanced, and measurable, but never chiseled in stone.
Media Buying