Six Steps to Social

Six Steps to Social

Nothing makes marketers more crazy than wasting hard-won budgets — or precious time. Unfortunately, many have approached social media efforts from either experimental or shotgun perspectives, and simply added on social media efforts to their existing workloads. Generally, these approaches result in stressed-out marketing teams, interns managing social efforts, or a lack of interest or engagement by visitors in social venues.

We transform the way business is done through social behavior and technology.

At DDB Group Korea, we advocate a more strategic approach we call “Six Steps to Social.” By pursuing social marketing through this approach, your social programs will be more integrated, more interesting, and more impactful to the business’s bottom line.

Each step has distinct services, which when combined, create one of the most complete offerings on the market, providing a full turn-key solution for social media. All of our products are a blend of social media experts, robust and scalable processes, and the right selection of market-leading technology custom selected to solve your social and business needs. This enables us to deliver a consistent and quality product across different Asian markets.

6 Steps to Social